Over the past several years Goodwills across the county have become large recyclers rather than just resellers. Clothing and shoes that are not in good enough condition to be sold in our stores are now sold in overseas markets or recycled for the materials rather than ending up in the landfill.


Goodwill recycles:

  • • Cardboard
  • • Clothing
  • • Hard Plastics
  • • Metal
  • • Paper (including torn and unsalable books)
  • • Plastic Bags
  • • Shoes
  • • Stuffed Animals (Old and damaged stuffed animals are recycled for the poly fill material)


If it has a power cord (excluding large appliances) Goodwill will take it, working or not. If it is in working condition, it will be sold in a Goodwill store. If not, the item is recycled. Either way, you get a tax deduction, help the environment and help fund Goodwill Workforce Service programs.

TVs, computer monitors, and computers are illegal to throw away; Take them to Goodwill to be recycled.

Goodwill recycling programs alone employ over 30 people at the Oxnard warehouse.

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